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In the last few years, photography has taken on a new lease of life with the advent of digital cameras. Now, even professional photographers are changing over to digital cameras even though there are still some people who prefer to use traditional darkroom photography to create their pictures. As well as still photography, video has gained a strong hold, and people love to have their memories recorded in video and audio as well as photographs. Snapp It Now is a price comparison site which focuses on photographic, video and optical equipment. We aim to bring you the best deals from the web so that you can get yourself the best equipment you can possibly afford without the stress of researching prices from the many online stores for yourself. Here, everything is laid out so that you can see the prices for similar items all on the same page, and make a decision quickly and easily, so all you have to do is wait for the equipment to be delivered to your door.

If you want to buy a digital camera, we have a superb range from simple compact cameras to professional quality digital SLR cameras. Almost all of these cameras have a HD video recording facility and can store short video clips easily. More storage can easily be added by increasing the size of the external memory. For longer and more detailed video recording, you obviously require a dedicated video camera, and the technologies available now mean you can buy dedicate HD video cameras from low prices. Naturally, at Snapp It Now you will find the full range of equipment from low cost camcorders that are intended for holiday and family memories up to professional quality video recorders. Whatever your budget and requirements, Snapp It Now has the perfect video camera for you.

For more serious photography and video work, it would be very unusual not to have a range of filters for different lighting and different effects. You can find a wonderful selection of colour filters, polarising filters and UV filters to enhance your work and bring out the best in your subject. For your camera you can get lenses to suit whatever kind of shoot you are undertaking. Zoom, telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses are available at a range of prices to suit you.

With studio photography and video work, there are other requirements too. When you need backgrounds, stands, tripods, lighting and paper, you can get them all at Snapp It Now, and compare the prices from some of the best known photographic retailers, so you can choose the best deal for your circumstances.

We haven't neglected those people looking for astronomy telescopes or binoculars or spotting scopes either, as our partner retailers offer superb deals on these as well.  Bird watching or stargazing, we're sure we have the deal for you, you can even use your digital camera with these optics to capture the moment!

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6 Tips On Digital Photography

Just got your brand new digital camera? Or are you a seasoned user who wanted to take better shots? With some efforts and skills, you can definitely take beautiful shots with just a point-and-shoot digital camera. Below are 6 tips on digital photography that you can use:

1. Know Your Camera ThoroughlyWhen you first purchase your digital camera, there is a pretty thick instructional manual inside the box. I know it is tedious to read but you MUST! Spend an hour or two to get familiar with all the features that your digital camera has. Most people under utilized their cameras' features, that is one of the reasons why many of their shots are not "pro" enough.

2. Be AdventurousDon't be shy. Be more adventurous and take as many photographs as you want. Try taking those photos in different angles too! Nowadays, most digital cameras come with generous memory cards storage. It is enough for you to take hundreds of shots. Out of so many shots, at least one of them will turn out extremely good. Trust me on this!

3. Lighting AwarenessEven without deep knowledge on how lighting can affect a photograph, you can still be aware of certain basic aspects. For example, For example, if the sun is directly behind your subject, he or she may turn out as a silhouette. Try to let your subject to be in a shade and your camera setting be in "flash on" mode. The effect will be better.

4. Take Close-Up ShotsDo you know that it is often more interesting to take a close-up shot than from a distance? Sometimes the subject's whole body do not have to be in the photo. Finer and more interesting details can be seen in a close-up shot. If your subject is a person, vivid facial expressions can be captured and your photos will be more lively.

5. Don't Set Up Every ShotYou don't need to set up every single shot. You can take photos of people when they are unaware. Sometimes candid shots are the best photos taken. It looks more natural and inject more fun into the pictures!

6. Try New Stuff Don't be afraid to get on the ground and take pictures in a totally different angles. Sometimes, it gets so boring when all your photos are so "upright". Take some photos at different angles. For examples, you can take a photo of your friend from the bottoms looking up instead!

You don't need to be a "pro" to take great shots. Some of the most beautiful shots are taken just using a simple digital camera. I hope the above tips on digital photography can help you kick-start your journey to become a better photographer.